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Tripping 1975 -

Falling in Love One Country

At A Time

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“They say all good things must come to an end and with a measured degree of reluctance I reached the conclusion of Tripping 1975.  From Atlantis, the Roman Empire, Greek gods, and the Enlightenment, all journeys trace back to roads leading home I suppose (although not in that order), The ending is truth and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it to play out. Thanks for the trip!”

- A. (Superior Court secretary)

"The book grabs the reader, I believe, because of the personal touches that flow throughout the entire (book).  You share the good and the bad, you address the wise and not so wise decisions and simply lay things out as you found them.  This really appeals to me, and I think most readers would concur.  This wasn't a fairyland tour where everything worked out perfectly.

-Attorney C.

Our book


"Tripping 1975 - Falling in Love One Country at a Time" is the story of a young couple on their year long adventures through Europe in 1975 and finding their passion for travel and each other.

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