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Bio- Marshall Hockett:

Marshall was born in Whittier, California and now lives in beautiful Encinitas, California.  He attended Stanford University and The University of San Diego Law School. He often remarks that Stanford was a wonderful, life-changing experience. After working as an attorney for three years, in 1975, he and Debbie decided to fulfill Marshall's life-long dream of traveling for one year throughout Europe.


This book is the product of their good (and, yes, not so good) experiences on that wonderful, exciting, and educational journey.


Now in his retirement from the superior court bench, Marshall spends time voraciously reading other people's books, enjoying his son, Will, daughter-in-law Dana, and their two grandsons, Jaxson (6) and Memphis (2).

BIO- Debbie Hockett:

Debbie Hockett was born in Iowa and spent her next several years in Kansas where she attended Kansas State University.  She then moved to California to see for herself why seemingly everyone wanted to live there. It was as a superior court clerk that she met Marshall Hockett where he frequently appeared in the courtroom where she worked.  After their first date, they were inseparable. He asked Debbie to accompany him on his life-long dream of touring Europe. She thought long and hard (about three seconds) and said "YES!" In 1975 they traveled to Europe, picked up a new, yellow VW van which they dubbed the "Banana", and the rest of the story was written in a red-bound book with blank pages pre-named  "Tripping 1975". It has just recently been published after all these years, mainly because their friends had told them it was informative, funny, and very readable.


In her retirement, Debbie spends her time enjoying her two grandchildren, son and daughter-in-law, friends and, of course--travel.


She wishes you all Happy Trails.

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