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Our Favorite Restaurants in Paris: Part 2- Au Bon Cous Cous

Here's another Paris restaurant tip from seasoned traveler Marshall Hockett, Author Tripping 1975​...

"Another fun place (and it's cheaper!) Au Bon Cous Cous. Do not be fooled. There are many copies. You want the one located at 7, rue Privas. It was recently reviewed by Alain H. I very much agree with his five star evaluation and very friendly, reasonable prices and the enormous portions. The place is run by four (or was it five) Algerians. We eat there every time when we are in Paris. Once again, make sure you're in the right place. There is another cous cous next door. It's guarded by a very evil witch who will attempt to kidnap you. Don't get shook, just throw water on her and she disappears. By the way, when the French/Algerian conflict was ongoing in the sixties, this restaurant got bombed."

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