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'Tripping 1975' is an Amazon BESTSELLER! And Get Your FREE E-Book (Only on 5/12/2020)

We have some really great news! Our new book, Tripping 1975: Falling in Love One Country at a Time is an Amazon Bestseller!

Tripping 1975 tells a couples’ compelling story of love, travel, and of each other. Filled with good, hilarious, and yes, bad experiences that happened in real life to real people who thought they could (and did) travel Europe, Egypt, and Israel in a yellow VW van affectionately called “The Banana.” Their best times were had when they had no idea where they were. Travel along and have fun getting lost on unfamiliar roads, big cities, and in beautiful little hamlets along the way.

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Also some more news: We embarked on a wonderful around the world cruise in early January and made a very early 'disembarkation' due to Covid-19, returning to the US in late March!

More stories to share soon!

Stay healthy and warm regards,

Marshall and Debbie Hockett

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