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Our Favorite Restaurants in Paris: Part 4: 'La Coupole' in Paris

La Coupole in Paris

La Coupole is famous for it's Art Deco style and a painted dome. It's also famous for the actors (and eccentrics) that frequent the place. Unfortunately, you won't be able to recognize them (unless you are French). Sometimes, if you ask a waiter they might tell you. We have seen many American celebrities there. Once, we were seated at a table next to a very famous person who was entertaining two lovely young blondes who looked like they spent every day working out in a gym. The three of them were having an absolute ball. Perhaps alcohol was involved. In any event, I don't think they ever discovered we were there!

A few years later, I was in Paris with a friend. We decided one evening to have dinner at La Coupole. We were seated across the aisle from a different famous American celebrity who was entertaining a beautiful young woman who was about 100 years younger than he was. What could we do? Well, we bought them a bottle of wine, gave a small salute, and then left the two of them alone. When they were leaving, the famous fellow came over and asked if we liked tennis. We told him that we did and he then gave us tickets to the annual French Open Tennis Tournament. We used the tickets the next day. We sat in the family section and spent much of the day smiling at the player's families while they tried to figure out who we were and how the hell did we get the tickets?

A few minutes ago, I read this to Debbie who immediately told me I could not include the names of the celebrities. She felt they should have their privacy and we could get sued. I told her that was ridiculous. I reminded her that I was a retired Superior Court judge. Then I thought about it for a few minutes. (See page 56 of "Tripping 1975").

Enjoy the meal!

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Daniel Fierro
Daniel Fierro
Jul 07, 2020

Dear Marshall and Debbie,

This is great, and I like the way you write in plain language I can relate to.

I had trouble "downloading or uploading" the free book but will try again since I don't want to miss out on the fun.

Your friend, Danny

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